Thursday, June 29, 2006

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to start this first post. It’s been like that scene in romantic comedies where the guy is standing in the back trying to think of suave entrances before he finally decides to just talk to the stunning girl across the room (I mean, if she's really worth it, she'll just like him for who he is and not how smooth he is, right?!), ultimately making a complete arse of himself. Hopefully, I’ll be more successful, as I have the excellent and not to be underappreciated advantages of editing and proofreading. Hah! Poor guy. If only he had a Mac on hand to do all his work for him.

Ahem. Anyway, I guess I’ll first go through all the things that we tend to ask when we meet someone for the first time.

You can call me Lily. I’m a third year student attending a very good university in Massachusetts half an hour outside of Boston, or in other words, any kind of civilization whatsoever. This, combined with lack of a car or sufficient funds to take public transportation on a regular basis makes it challenging to get to yarn, but I manage- I manage.

Hm, what else. Besides knitting, I love cooking and singing. I have more experience with the latter as I’ve been singing since seventh grade- I love it. I once harbored passionate dreams of becoming a famous Broadway star, and even attended that acting camp in New York- Stagedoor Manor- for three excellent weeks. Music has pretty much always been a part of my life- I played piano from the age of eight until I came to college, when I no longer had the time or the funds for piano lessons and practicing. Dropping the instrument has been one of the biggest regrets in my life, but there are other things in the world to learn and discover.

Right. You didn’t come here to hear about my hobbies, you want to hear about knitting. Well, right now I’m working on this shrug from Interweave knits. Mine isn’t in that flaming red, but rather a more somber shade of navy blue. I’ve finished the body, but I can’t work on the ribbing and thus finish the entire thing because I lack the proper needles to do so. GR! Never fear, however! While I’m waiting for the needles I need to arrive (mail order is another fantastic way of getting yarn when you’re half an hour away from civilization, ha!), I’m going to be working on the HiP scarf from Alison at The Blue Blog, cuz I’m a Harry Potter dork, and blue and white just happen to be my school colors ;)

For now you’re going to have to take my word on the knitting since I left my digital camera at home, but I promise I’ll bombard you with pictures as soon as it arrives, and that I will never post an entry as wordy as this one once I have the digicam in my hands.

That’s all I can think of- if you don’t hear from me before next Monday, I hope you all have an excellent weekend and, if you’re in an area where it gets hot during the summer, that you stay cool!


  • Hi Lily,

    I saw your post on Becky's blog about Cathay, and I had to reply and validate you! I used this yarn to knit a very simple shawl, and the stuff frays all the time. It was difficult to knit with, and the ends won't stay tucked in either. I hope you are having an easier time of it than I did!

    Have a good weekend!

    By Anonymous Debby, at 3:14 PM  

  • Hi Debby!

    Thanks for the support- I was starting to wonder if I was crazy or not, since I've never heard anything but praise for the stuff!

    Knitting with it was actually suprisingly smooth, I just had to be very careful not to let the yarn snag, so I couldn't fly through like I usually do.

    When you say the ends don't stay in, do you mean that they unravel? That sounds worrisome, especially in terms of seaming for my shrug!

    By Blogger Lily, at 4:49 PM  

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